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Introducing Real Talk App Gold, the ultimate chat app system that surpasses WhatsApp in every aspect. With its powerful features, users can enjoy making international and local calls, sending unlimited messages, playing video games, engaging in AI Chats, and even watching movies. No other app can compare to the versatility and functionality that Real Talk App Gold offers. Say goodbye to limitations and experience a whole new level of communication and entertainment.



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About us

Real Talk App Gold Standard: Messaging Revolution

  • Enjoy advanced AI features for more meaningful conversations.
  • Explore personalized movie recommendations tailored to your taste.
  • Engage in thrilling gaming experiences within the chat app.
  • Enhance your communication with cutting-edge technology.
  • Discover the future of chatting with Real Talk App Gold Standard.

No Monthly cost required

No monthly costings to you when you use our app to communicate with your loved ones, just install our app and start chatting with those closest to you.

The Tech Company

Real Talk and Real Mango Tube App Developers are the creators of this amazing app, apart from the Real Talk App Gold Standard, we have a long list of apps we are currently developing, below is a list of our current projects:

  1.  Remit Wave App – An International Remittance App where users can send money internationally to their loved ones.
  2. Real Talk App Games Store – This app can be downloaded from Play Store and includes over 100 games to play online, whenever you need to relax and enjoy your day.
  3. Diamond Money App – This is a money earning app, just play the games in this app to make some daily cash.
  4. Real Mango Tube App – This is an online video streaming app, download today from Google Play Store

We have a lot more apps in development, join our mailing list today so you will be kept updated on a regular basis, whenever our apps become available to the public.

Meet our team of professional

We have a large team of experts in the app creation industry, that are available to us whenever we have an app project, they are also the support staff that will deal with all technical issues with regards to our apps.

About this App

Are you looking for a free calling app and a free texting app?
Do you want to download an online video chat app that you can also use to watch movies with friends?
If yes, then look no further than Real Talk App: Gold Standard!! It is an unlimited texting and calling app that comes with multiple advanced features. It allows you to start video chat with your loved ones from all around the world. You don’t just talk within this app; you can also use it as a daily planner to schedule your important tasks. Talk to your personal AI chatbot assistant for hours. Start live video chat with your friends or family members and engage in multiple activities like playing games and watching movies!

Main Features of the Real Talk App: Gold Standard
✪ An international calling app with an intuitive interface
✪ An unlimited texting and calling app where you can multi-task all at once
✪ Connect with your friends, family members, and business partners through video chat
✪ Enjoy live video calls along with playing games and watching movies online with your loved ones.
✪ A routine journey planner feature that lets you utilize daily tasks and enjoy a more organized life
✪ Chat with your personal AI chatbot that acts like a friend of yours and answers any questions you may have about the Weather or travel locations
✪ Schedule live video chats with your business partners and never forget any important meetings
✪ Accessible in over 180 countries
✪ Stay connected with your family from all over the world and have international calls with them

Whether you want to use it as an international calling app to connect with your loved ones or as a routine planner to manage your daily life tasks, Real Talk App: Gold Standard is the best choice for you. as it helps you to do so many things whilst reducing any costs to you, save a lot of money on your Netflix Subscriptions and your phone subscriptions as a Real Talk App Gold Standard user.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Real Talk App: Gold Standard now! It is an unlimited texting and calling app where you get advanced daily life planner tools to get reminder for your daily tasks and enjoy an organized life.

Affordable Subscription of the Real Talk App: Gold Standard
✪ Enjoy a 7-day trial period for £1 with limited features
✪ Upgrade to the ultimate Real Talk app for £3.99 and get access to unlimited features
Please Note: This app has No Refund Policy for all in-App purchases. So, once a purchase is made, there will be no refund requests accepted by our staff.