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Welcome to the best chat app in the UK, on our app you will be able to make free calls to friends and family, create groups, call people in your group, advertise in your group, advertise your services to everyone on the app, create watch parties and watch thousands of movies on our sister site at Real Mango Tube, engage in video calls, engage in group video calls and so much more. 


The fact is our app offers unlimited calling services 24hrs a day 7 days a week all for free, you will also gain free access to our sister company Real Mango Tube at www.realmangotube.com when you pay monthly for our app. Subscribe and Download Today to find out more.


On Real Talk App you can have private conversations with your friends and family, or group conversations with a group of people all at the same time

Messages on our app is extremely safe and secure at all times, protecting your privacy and the privacy of the people you are chatting to.

Call your family anytime of the day without restrictions.

Connect with people all over the world, Join thousands of chat rooms

We are not just an app for making calls, every user is able to connect with each other privately if they choose to meet up for a coffee.


We have tons of features for you to enjoy

User can chat with friends & family, Can share images, video, location etc. Can voice or video call In private or in group Can create watch party & meetings User can do one – one Audio calls & group Audio Calls. Can share image, Video, audio, GIF, Stickers, location, Contacts & Document Online, typing, last seen, delivered & Seen indicator Can turn on/off Mic, camera & filter During call. User can do one – one video calls & group video Calls.

  • ➤Message privately
  • ➤voice and video calls
  • ➤Speak freely
  • ➤Keep in touch with your groups
  • ➤Say what you feel
  • ➤Transform your business
  • ➤End-to-end encryption

Just $3 or $7.99 a month, cheaper than a cup of tea or your Netflix subscriptions

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