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Introducing Real Talk App Gold, the ultimate chat app system that surpasses WhatsApp in every aspect. With its powerful features, users can enjoy making international and local calls, sending unlimited messages, playing video games, engaging in AI Chats, and even watching movies. No other app can compare to the versatility and functionality that Real Talk App Gold offers. Say goodbye to limitations and experience a whole new level of communication and entertainment.



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Gold – £5.99 includes £1.00 Customer support services fee




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24 hrs. Customer Support
Unlimited Calls and Messages
Video Calls
Group Calls
Access To Movies and TV Shows
Video Watch Parties
Business Promotion Services to other app users
A I bot assistant 24 hrs. a day
Giff and Emojis, Discounted Utility Services, save 20% discount on your broadband and phone services when you let us become your provider.
Website Design and Promotion with a 20% Discount, our web-experts will design basic to advanced websites for you with a 20% discount on the total cost of the website of your choice.


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